What Is The Process?

Putting Certainty and Confidence in Your Hands

Planning and building your house takes place at three locations: with you, in our factory in Europe, and on the site here at Cheerbrook Green.

With you:

  • You can choose from the houses we have pre-selected on our house designs page or you are free browse our website to decide which house design will best suit your lifestyle and budget. You should also decide if you prefer the our Turn-key or the Custom build option - you can find out more about this here.

  • Discuss your requirements with architects who will answer any questions and discuss any modifications.

  • You select your finishes, fixtures and fittings.

  • We then give you a fixed price which remains for a 12-month period.

  • Contracts are signed.

  • You work with us to progress all architectural, legal and financial arrangements.

  • A completion date is confirmed.

In our factory:

  • The architectural plans for your house are sent to our factory in Europe where structural engineers design and build each component of your house including the walls, floors and roof panels.

  • The timber-frame components are precision-manufactured thanks to advanced digital software. Windows, doors, fire-resistant wall insulation, some service ducts and electrical connections are all installed at this time.

  • The internal walls are either prepared for your own application of paint, wallpaper or tiles, or are finished according to your choices.

  • Every component of the house is given a final quality-control inspection before it leaves the factory.

    Would you like to see how your house is built inside our facility in Europe?

On the Cheerbrook Green site:

  • All house components and building materials are shipped to your site on special lorries, along with a team of skilled tradesmen who are ready to start work.

  • A crane is used to assemble the individual elements of the house – typically the roof-height structure will be in place, water-tight and wind-tight, in around two to three days.

  • Once construction is complete, a dedicated team begins work on the interior. This includes heating and electrical installations, fitting doors, decorating, flooring and tiling to your specified choices.

  • Your kitchen is one of the last things to be fitted and the keys are then handed over to you around 8 weeks after the first lorry arrived.

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